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Sep 19

On second thought, why use a framework at all?

A few reasons why I’ve decided to eschew frameworks for this project:

  • I have the great book Responsive Web Design by A Book Apart. This makes the 320 And Up CSS framework unnecessary.
  • The needs of a ‘one page’ website are so significantly different than a multi-page site that using a framework like Boilerplate for Wordpress would be way overkill.
  • Generally speaking, it’s easier for me to learn how to do something right when I have to do it all on my own.

So what’s the plan now? Well, the first thing I did was go back to basics, and make an index.php, header.php, footer.php etc. All clear markup, sparse meta information, and laid out in the most accurate HTML5 elements I could figure.

            <header><h1>{section title}</h1></header>
            {section content}

            <header><h1>{section title}</h1></header>
            {section content}

This process took a bit of time but I think it’s well worth it to start off with a thorough architecture, this allows you to have a good gauge for where you are in the project.

Today I’ll be working on a ‘mobile first' design implementation. (Although I'd add to that list of reasons 'a non media-query aware browser is benefited from a mobile-first solution as well, since it will display the simplest version of the site, as opposed to the most complicated')

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